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Kerb Scooters

Kerb mobility scooters are the most popular type of mobility scooter in the U.K. Sometimes referred to as Midrange or Class 2 mobility scooters, they are intended for pavement use and are limited to 4 miles per hour. Some have suspension and captains seats as standard. Some Kerb mobility scooters can travel at 6 miles per hour, in which case they are referred to as a Class 3 mobility scooter. Road use of this class of mobility scooter is possible, although it is worth noting that 4mph is the legal speed for pavement use. The DVLA have instructed that vehicle registration applies to all 6 and 8mph mobility scooters, however there is no charge levied for this.

Kymco Super 4

Quality, Style & Performance!

Pride Apex Finesse

Mid-Size Luxury Scooter

Pride Colt Twin

Outstanding Features

Roma Sovereign 4

Classic Mobility Scooter

Roma Tulsa

New and Stylish

Roma Valencia

Transportable Scooter

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