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Freerider Mayfair 4 Deluxe
Freerider Mayfair 4 Deluxe
Freerider Mayfair 4 Deluxe

Freerider Mayfair 4 Deluxe

Product Info

Motability Scheme Only


Freerider Mayfair 4 Deluxe

This scooter is only available via the motability scheme

The Mayfair 4 Deluxe is mid-sized, but appeals to many, thanks to its easy driving style on pavements, pathways and passageways. It's like driving a handy little hatchback.

Small Is Beautiful
Shorter, lighter and steadier than their on the road cousins, Class 2 scooters like the Mayfair 4 Deluxe are no less pleasurable to drive. Easy handling means 4mph is all the speed you need.

Small Is Strong
Carrying up to 21 stones the Mayfair 4 Deluxe may be slight, but still packs might. There's nothing small about the batteries, they are 50Ah giving you the power you can rely on.

Small Is Safe
With a rear-view mirror, front and rear lighting and indicators you can drive at night or on dark winter afternoons, clearly letting other pavement users know you're there.


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