Scooter & Power Chair Servicing

To ensure that your mobility scooter is kept in good working order and safe to use, regular servicing is always recommended. This is even more important on class 3 scooters that are used on the road at higher speeds. It is widely considered that class 3 mobility scooters may soon be subject to legislation that will require annual MOT style checks. Therefore, it is important to keep up to date with maintenance and routine checks.

It is worth bearing in mind that the terms and conditions of most scooter insurance policies state something like "that should my scooter breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranty ends, the vehicle is only covered as long as it is serviced every 12 months by an approved dealer/repairer".

Many of the key working parts of a mobility scooter are hidden beneath the body shell and require specialist knowledge and tools to access. It is important to remember that a mobility scooter has critical safety elements such as the brakes which need to be checked.

We offer mobility scooter servicing on all makes and model of scooter and powerchair, whether you bought it from us or not. Our charge for mobility scooter servicing and powerchair servicing is from £75.00 including VAT and for that you can be assured that the job is carried out professionally and thoroughly. If during your service, we find that parts are required, we will always let you know any further costs before we go ahead with the repair.

After we have completed your service the engineer will leave you with a service checklist to confirm the safety and performance checks he has completed.

To book a service, please call us on 01283 547726 or Mobile 07713 641061

Scooter Servicing