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Freerider Landranger XL8
Freerider Landranger XL8 - Side View
Freerider Landranger XL8 - Rear View
Freerider Landranger XL8 - High Visibility Front Lights
Freerider Landranger XL8 - Storage Basket

Freerider Landranger XL8

Product Info

Heavyweight Off Road Scooter


Freerider Landranger XL8

The heavyweight for all terrain - ready to carry up to 30 stones, the Landranger XL8 is the true heavyweight in our stable – longer, and wider than any other Freerider and as robust, rough and ready as the FR1.

Rough & Tough - Dirt tracks, uneven ground and muddy puddles, are nothing to the XL8. Go anywhere, do anything with the XL8.

Built to last - Sturdy double wishbone suspension to the front, twin shock absorbers to the rear, high ground clearance and 75Ah batteries make the XL8 strong enough to last, whatever you expose it to.

Ready for any weather - With a water-resistant LCD dashboard, fixed twin mirrors and indicators you can see clearly whatever the weather, with your waterproof at the ready in the handy carry bag.

Freerider Landranger XL8 Specifications

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