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Kymco Midi XLS - Sapphire Blue
Kymco Midi XLS - Sapphire Blue
Kymco Midi XLS - Flame Orange
Kymco Midi XLS - Graphite Grey
Kymco Midi XLS - Comfortable, Adjustable Front & Rear Suspension
Kymco Midi XLS - Optional Puncture-Free Soft Roll Tyres
Kymco Midi XLS - New Low Consumption LED Lighting
Kymco Midi XLS - Excellent On-Board Storage Facilities
Kymco Midi XLS - Excellent On-Board Storage Facilities

Kymco Midi XLS

Product Info

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Kymco Midi XLS 

The new elegant Midi XLS 8mph scooter offers you the ultimate in comfort and performance, making everyday life more enjoyable!

The Midi XLS from Kymco is the new and improved version of the popular Midi XL and is a slimmed down version of the ever popular Kymco Maxi XLS. It is designed for a scooter user who doesn't need the heavy duty aspects of the bigger "Maxi", but a user who still wants to enjoy the power and luxury features of its bigger brother.

The Kymco Midi XLS now has the fully adjustable, all round suspension system featured on the Maxi model, along with a comfortable and adjustable Captains seat, all wrapped up in a more compact chassis which means that you will find it is easier to handle on paths and pavements or more restricted spaces. The Midi XLS also sports a delta tiller as standard, along with a dual set of rear view mirrors. Behind the two-tone front modesty panel is a conveniently placed basket to keep your personal effects close by. There is also the option to add a front or rear basket to the scooter if more storage is required. The Midi XLS however is still a very robust scooter having a maximum user weight of 25 stone and, will carry you for up to 25 miles on a single battery charge so it is certainly no lightweight!

Available in four colours - Sapphire Blue,Graphite Grey,Flame Orange and Glossy Black

Kymco Midi XLS Specifications

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